Sunday, 6 April 2014

We really ought to be packing

Saturday 5th April

Today is 30%'s birthday and we should either have been celebrating or throwing clothes into suitcases for tomorrow's flight. Instead we had a very long list to get through and had to hit the ground running ...

We were out of the house before nine o'clock to drop 30%'s Audi in at the garage where it's ABS sensor will be repaired while we are away. On the way home we dropped a box of items in at the local charity shop and then paid a visit to the vets where T&M had their booster shots and annual check up. 

We were back home by 9.15 and had already checked three items from the to do list. After a quick coffee it was time to divide our efforts ...

30% headed off to the hairdresser for extensive pre-vacation attention while I headed over to Littleton Auction Rooms to sit on a chair for a couple of hours ...

I ought to explain that we had popped over to the viewing yesterday and had been rather taken with a few lots and I was there to place a few bids.  We didn't start too well and I dropped out of the bidding for a Monk's Chair as it neared £200. Things looked a little better when a ring 30% rather liked was bought for a remarkable price. I then had a long wait for my next item so I settled down in Lot141 (rattan cane chair) and enjoyed a coffee, a bacon sandwich and the theatre of the auction room. 

After about an hour our next lot came up and I successfully acquired a pair of old monochrome prints for twenty five quid and it was then but a short wait until the main lot came up ...

It was a beautiful 17th Century inlaid oak coffer and it would have looked fantastic in the hall but I, along with the rest of the room, baulked at the starting price and it received no bids. I paid, collected my two lots and headed home. 

As 30% and I ate lunch I recounted my auction tales while she admired her new precious*. I had been appalled that this beautiful piece of furniture had been used as a seat and picnic site by Auction goers that didn't recognise the quality of the piece. To cut a long story short I rang the auctioneer and made a post auction offer of the price he had tried to start the bidding. A few minutes later my bid had been accepted and I was heading back into The Vale to collect a fine antique. 

By the time I got back it was mid afternoon and we had a short break with 30%'s parents who had arrived with birthday gifts and best wishes.

After they had departed it was time to. Drop T&M off at a local lady who will care for the while we are away before attending to the vital job of sealing up the doorways leading from the hall in an attemp to control the inevitable dust that will be produced when the plaster is removed next week. 

Whilst I did this 30% headed in to town for a few last minute items ... And a Chinese takeaway. 

We ate in front of the TV and then finally headed upstairs to pack. It had been a long and busy day, and perhaps not 30%'s ideal 50th but I am sure the next two weeks will make amends. 


* you need to say this in your best Gollum accent

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