Monday, 28 February 2011

They say two out of three aint bad .....

...... but I'm not sure that I wholeheartedly agree.

My Day went like this. Pretty much the first activity after seeing TP off to school was to drop the Defender over at the workshop - CHECK.

Then back home to receive Chippy Ian so that he could make start on the Landing cupboards - CHECK

The make a few work calls to ensure that the rest of the week goes in the right direction rather than veering off course like a riderless bike - CHECK

So that's it, my day is set up and I should be able to enjoy my day off work. 30% had a day off too so we took T&M for a walk before returning to keep Ian filled with tea and perform other domestic odds and ends - I got to wax TP's bathroom door - the fun just never ends....

...... and so we get to the point where we appraise the day's activities and that is where the title of this entry gets a modicum of relevance. Ian has made a great start. The Linen Cupboard will be brilliant giving us some much needed storage on the open Landing  but without impacting the space to any great degree. He should only need a couple more days to complete the carcassing and make to two pairs of doors. Win number 1.

The work calls all seemed to go smoothly and I am therefore claiming that as Win number 2 although I am sure to regret this smugness by about Wednesday when it all goes tits up.

So that leaves the Defender and I am sure that you are ahead of me here .....

..... The Stage 1 tune has not happened. I was hoping to be razzing around the lanes in a truck with a lot more oomph but that was not what happened. The ECU upgrade is pretty straightforward process. The mechanic procures the remap software, a one use item, and installs it on the ECU. The fact that the remap software is a single use item ensures that the Software House gets paid for every remap. They have a variety of control methods and it appears that, for whatever reason, this remap cannot be applied to the Defender due to a software glitch - FUCKING PROGRAMMERS - Mark has therefore paid for an upgrade that will not apply and I am sat here without a car until some geek pulls his finger out and stops playing World of Warcraft long enough to do what he should have done right in the first place. I am mildly irritated by this but am sure it will be sorted in the next day or so.

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